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My name is Rick Oliva and I’d like to welcome you to my spanking new WordPress blog, Rick Oliva on the WordPress. My intent is to blog about a lot of stuff, from my love of travel to my love of chess, bass fishing and of course my family.

Speaking of which, my wife and I recently completed one of the six cruises we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy. So, I’m going to start by sharing some thoughts on finding the right cruise line.

To my mind, traveling on a cruise ship should be just an enormously fun experience. But the final outcome of your cruise really depends on where you start and that’s the cruise line you choose.

Which cruise line is the best? Talk to any frequent cruiser and you’ll soon hear about all of their pros and cons. Some offer smaller ships that many prefer and others have a fleet of larger ships that can carry over 3000 passengers. They travel the oceans from port to port almost everywhere that you imagination travels. They have a variety of cabin sizes that offer features such as balconies or window views. They all provide excellent cuisine and personal service to make your voyage a truly memorable one.

Recently I had the privilege of sailing aboard a Carnival cruise ship that traveled to various ports in the Caribbean. The experience was one of the most enjoyable vacations that I have ever been on. The cruise line delivered all of their promises and expectations from their website. I would without question do it again and in fact, I am planning another cruise as I write.

Taking a cruise vacation has so much to offer. For a single price per day, all of your basic costs are covered. If you desire to take additional excursions when at port, that is entirely up to you. These excursions do cost a few dollars more, but they are worth every penny as you visit and explore strange and exciting cultures and locations that you have never experienced before. On board, while the ship is at sea, you will be totally entertained each and every day.

During the daytime, you have the option of relaxing around one of the many pools or hot tubs. There may be a water-slide area set at the very top of the ship for the youngsters and the young at heart. Or if golf is your game then you can play a round or two at the pitch and put golf course. There will be classes on how to dance or moonwalk, games of skill and knowledge, and of course the odd cooking lessons from excellent chefs.

In the evening you can head of down to the ship’s theater for the nightly entertainment. It could be a musical Broadway type show or a night of comedy and games. You can participate in karaoke or dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs. They also offer an evening movie in the outdoor theater complete with popcorn and drinks. Plus you will be able to enjoy a tasty meal at any time during the day or night.

Of course, the dining on a cruise ship is ridiculously delicious. You can eat 24 hours per day if you like. The selection of foods will satisfy the pickiest of eaters. In fact, it is almost impossible, for me anyway, to stick to just 3 meals a day. The highlight of the day is the evening meal, where you and your traveling companions are treated to an almost one-of-a-kind formal dining experience with a menu offers a variety of scrumptious selections which include an appetizer, a main course, and of course the dessert.

If you like to eat like I do, be prepared to gain a few pounds on one of these cruises. Which reminds me … with my next cruise just around the corner, it’s time for me to hit the gym. See you soon!

Also, there’s plenty of good information about unusual vacation spots, including cruise excursions, at: Going Places Near and Far

Author: Rick Oliva

I'm a Staffing Manager at Georgia-based Solid Future. My interests include my family, outdoor activities, travel, chess and bass fishing.

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